Evacuation Diagrams According To Australian Standards


More About Exacuation Diagrams


Evacuation diagrams shall be displayed where occupants and visitors are able to view them. The Emergency Planning Committee has a role to determine the location and number of evacuation diagrams for a facility.


The evacuation diagram should be positioned at a height not less than 1200 mm and not more than 1600 mm above the floor.


Each evacuation diagram shall have the correct orientation with regard to the direction of egress and its location to the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ point. Where an assembly area diagram is included, it shall have the same orientation to the rest of the diagram.


Minimum Elements

AS 3745-2010 lists a range of elements which must be included in the evacuation diagram, such as designated exits, fire fighting equipment and the location of where the evacuation diagram is installed within the facility (i.e. the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ location).

Optional Information

AS 3745-2010 provides an option to include additional information on the evacuation diagram, such as, other emergency information and equipment. The inclusion of this optional information is to be considered by the Emergency Planning Committee, but is not a mandatory requirement of AS 3745-2010.


The minimum size of an evacuation diagram is A4 (i.e. 210 mm x 297 mm) with a pictorial representation of the floor or area of at least 200 mm x 150 mm or an area of at least 30 000 mm2 . However, where any additional information is included—that is, anything in addition to the items listed in clause 3.5.5—the minimum size of the evacuation diagram is A3 (i.e. 297 mm x 420 mm) with a pictorial representation of the floor or area of at least 300 mm x 200 mm or an area of at least 60 000 mm2 .

Ensure facility occupants could easily and quickly get the info they need to evacuate the facility in the event of an emergency. As an important component of a property’s fire safety and emergency response management systems, evacuation diagrams are actually supposed to inform occupants of the emergency evacuation procedures, instructions and locations of the closest emergency exits, fire products, the assembly areas and who to phone in the event of an emergency.

Do You Need Assistance With An Evacuation Diagram?

Do the evacuation diagrams in your facility meet Australian Standards? Under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, evacuation diagrams must be displayed in conspicuous positions along the evacuation route of the facility and must be orientated with the layout of the building.

In case your organization needs assistance in improving your emergency evacuation diagrams or perhaps would like us to go through the compliance of your current diagrams, please feel free to contact FCF.