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Fire Equipment Maintenance Melbourne – What you Need to Know

Proper maintenance of fire equipment is essential for the safety of any establishment and its patrons. Without proper maintenance, it might not be possible to quickly put out any fire that should happen to occur, which could result in serious damage or even the loss of lives.

However, not everyone is familiar with what the proper maintenance is and how often it should be performed to keep equipment functioning as it needs to for proper performance. This is where AS 1851 comes into play.

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Melbourne Fire Safety – What is AS 1851?

AS 1851 is the name of the code that details the proper Melbourne Fire Equipment Maintenance necessary to keep this equipment functioning at the necessary levels. It was first published in 1989, with new versions coming out regularly. It normalized the safety standards so they are now the same for all buildings built or modified since the standard was passed.

Melbourne Fire Equipment should be maintained so that it is just as reliable as it was when it was installed. Even if not required by law, maintaining this standard shows that the property owner is doing their duty and taking the necessary steps for Melbourne Fire Equipment Maintenance. It’s considered a benchmark to meet when noting that a property owner has done all the required maintenance on fire safety equipment and systems.

Fire-Indicator-PanelsWhat Does AS 1851 Cover?

AS 1851 covers all of the routine service requirements for fire protection equipment and systems. These standards are necessary to make sure the equipment is reliable and functions and performs well when needed. The standards were revised in 2005 and 2012 to be more complete and inclusive.

Electrical Testing EquipmentThis includes the standards for not only business owners, but also regulators, inspectors and contractors. It covers the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems, including sprinklers, extinguishers, blankets, hose reels, hydrants, fire alarms, fire door sets, EWIS, pump sets, fire monitoring systems, smoke alarms, gaseous, Halon 1301, pyrogen aerosols, water mist and evacuation. It doesn’t require that current systems be upgraded, only that the systems already in buildings are maintained so they are fit for use.

Exit Light InstallationWhat Does AS 1851 Say About Fire Equipment Maintenance?

AS 1851 requires an inspection each year. It include a checklist with the requirements for inspecting the equipment, explains how the records need to be kept so the process is properly documented, notes what should be done in the case that any equipment fails inspection and details how to draw up the annual report of the findings of the inspection.

A Fire Equipment Service can be called upon to help with the process. The fire hydrant system, for example, should be reviewed every 6 months, diesel and electric pumps need to be reviewed every 30 days and so does the alarm system, although heat and smoke alarms only need to be reviewed every 6 months. Emergency intercom systems only need to be reviewed yearly.

How Is AS 1851 Applied in the Australian State of Victoria and It’s Capital Melbourne?

While AS 1851 has become the standard in Australia, it isn’t necessarily applied the same way in all parts of Australia. In some places it is only considered a minimum requirement, and more stringent standards may apply in some buildings or areas. In Victoria and Melbourne, the 2005 version of AS 1851 is used if the building has been around since before 1984 or if it was the version specified on the Building Occupancy Permit. The law will need to be changed to allow for the use of the newer 2012 version of AS 1851.

Essential Safety Measures Certificate Melbourne

Business owners need to be concerned about the fire safety in their buildings. Not only is this something that is regulated and can have penalties if it’s not followed correctly, it needs to be done for the employees and occupants within the building. Having the appropriate fire safety measures in place helps the business owner ensure their employees and occupants can escape a fire quickly and the building will suffer minimal damage if a fire does occur. A business owner will need to have an annual certificate showing their compliance and will want to ensure they follow all regulations to easily obtain the certificate.

Ensure All Required Equipment is Installed

According to the Essential Safety Measures, there are many types of equipment that a building will need to have to be protected in the event of a fire. This equipment includes equipment used to fight the fire, equipment to protect the building, lights and signs to lead employees and customers to safety, and other essential fire equipment. It is important for a business owner to check the regulations that pertain to their building and ensure everything they need is properly installed.

Ensure All Required Equipment is Working Properly

The business owner will want to periodically check the building for Fire Compliance Victoria. They will want to have any maintenance done as soon as it’s needed to ensure all equipment is working properly at all times. Their maintenance schedule will depend on the type of equipment they have in use and how often it needs to be maintained or repaired to continue to work properly.

Have an Inspection Done to Check All Equipment

Once a year, the business owner will want to have an Essential Safety Measures audit done. During this audit, a qualified person will check all of the fire safety equipment in the building to make sure it’s in good working condition and able to be used in an emergency situation. As long as everything is working properly, the business owner will then be able to turn in the paperwork necessary to obtain a certificate.

Turn In Paperwork to Obtain a Certificate

The business owner will need to turn in a statement declaring compliance with fire safety regulations. This needs to be done yearly and will need to be completed in full for them to obtain a fire certificate Victoria. A failure to complete the statement or to obtain a certificate can lead to penalties for the business owner. The penalties can accrue when if the business owner fails to ensure their business is compliant, fails to obtain a certificate, or fails to display the certificate.

After Obtaining a Certificate

Once the business owner has the certificate showing compliance with fire safety regulations, they are required to display it in the building. This should be done in a prominent position so anyone can view it. The certificate will expire after a year and the business owner will need to complete the process to obtain a new one at that point. A failure to do this can lead to penalties as mentioned above and could put the employees, occupants and others at risk if the business is not safe.

By following the above steps, a business owner can ensure they are following all applicable regulations and that their building is protected in the case of a fire. For more information on what needs to be done or to get help with any of the above steps, the business owner should contact a FCF Fire and Electrical. They can help with each of the steps and can also help the business owner feel comfortable knowing they’ve done what they can to protect their employees, customers, and buildings.

FCF Fire and Electrical can help ensure your comply with your fire safety obligations for your Business according to the AS 1851 standard. Call us today.

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FCF Fire and Electrical can help you with all your Fire Safety Maintenance needs. We identify risks for the company associated with Fire Equipment Maintenance. We help you avoid unwanted violations and penalties.

Australian companies are required by law to follow fire safety guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maintain safe work environments and reduce the potential for fire related injuries and death. Companies that need to learn more about Fire Equipment maintenance should contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.