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Are You Ready To Take The Leap

Leaving full-time work and going into the unknown is one of life's biggest challenges and as humans, we have so many mixed feelings.

Following an existing system with support makes that challenge easier and takes out a lot of the lost time in mistakes, poor decisions that result in giving away hard earned cash and legal issues that can arise.

Franchising really does make taking that leap easier but also an educated person's better choice.

Why The Fire Industry?

It's legislated routine work that creates its own defects and repairs.  It is an industry that requires businesses to engage you to perform the testing, quote defects and carry out the rectifications for your customers to meet their compliance obligations.

The great part is, you repeat these steps throughout the year and beyond either every month, six months or year.

Not only this, but the hourly rates are higher than standard electrical, cleaning and other industry rates, plus the type of work is mindfully engaging.


Are You The Right Fit?

Culture is a word that is thrown around a lot. FCF Fire & Electrical has a strong culture and we can't just let anyone in. we need franchisees to work with each other so our bond is tight.

Typically we are after people that want to learn, customers first, employ, lead, grow and work well with others. If this, sounds like you, then we want to hear from you.

Not An Easy Road

Taking over an existing business or starting a green field territory aren't easy. Franchise businesses do make the transition a lot easier but it's still not a walk in the park and not for everyone or else everyone would be doing it. Longer hours, missing some events and sometimes doing jobs for little money are the down sides to being in business.

FCF does its best to limit these issues however this is the reality of being in business and FCF want people who understand that the work comes first then the money and lifestyle follow.

Which FCF Franchise opportunity fits you?

Offering Two Types Of Franchise Packages

When learning a new industry or embarking on a new career path, taking everything on at once can be daunting.  By onboarding with FCF under our Lite package, you have the ability to start your business with basic industry services allowing you to build a customer base that provides a healthy income.

When you are ready you can then take on the rest of FCF services to be able to maximise your territory's earnings.  Don't worry you don't have to buy the whole package again.  You simply upgrade your package which in turn upgrades your skill sets to start earning more.

  • FCF Franchise - Lite
Basic package to get you started in the fire industry with required equipment and skills.
  • FCF Full Franchise

Full package that gives you all the required equipment and skills to install, test and maintain fire protection systems.

We Are Proud To Service 7,600 Clients

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