Evacuation Diagrams: Signs and Symbols That Should Be Included

Evacuation Diagrams: Signs and Symbols That Should Be Included

In all states of Australia, it is a requirement of AS 3745 2010 (‘Planning for Emergencies in Facilities’ Section 3.5) to have Evacuation Diagrams in all facilities, including common areas when referring to multi-tenanted buildings. Emergency Plan advises building owners and managers should make themselves aware of this legislation, especially the area of evacuation diagrams (evacuation signs) and the evacuation diagram symbols nominated to be used.

Building owners and managers should be aware that alterations to their building under a building approval more than likely will necessitate the evacuation diagrams requiring to be updated.

AS 3745-2010 specifies minimum size and content for evacuation diagrams, in particular, the figure below shows symbols used in evacuation Diagrams and Evacuation Signs.  Any alterations to evacuation diagram symbols must be in accordance with the symbols shown below.

Points of Interest Symbols

FCF Fire & Electrical Fire Evacuation Diagram Signs and Symbols

General Guides to Evacuation Plans


  • The minimum size of an Evacuation Diagram should be A4 (i.e. 210mm x 297mm) the pictorial representation of the area should be no less than 200mm  x 150mm.
  • An evacuation sign incorporates the evacuation diagram and other relevant emergency and evacuation information.
  • The minimum size of an evacuation sign should be A3 (i.e. 297mm x 420mm) the minimum size of the pictorial representation of the area should be A4 (i.e. 210mm x 297mm)
  • Individual evacuation diagrams must have the correct orientation with regard to direction of the facility exits  and its location to the ‘You are here’ point  
  • An assembly area diagram should be included and must have the same orientation to the rest of the diagram.
  • Evacuation signs/diagrams should be located on each evacuation route of the building.
  • Diagrams must be securely attached to a wall or the internal side of a door in a conspicuous position. Sticky tape, blue tac or velcro is not satisfactory.
  • The evacuation diagram should be positioned within a zone at a height not less than 1200mm and not more than 1600mm above the plane of the finished floor.
  • The sign should be orientated in line with the building (meaning the diagram must be understandable to a person reading the sign and the instructions must be accurate and correspond to the building layout).

Compliance to the AS 3745 is a great way to expand your responsibility as a facility owner, employer or manager. It can guarantee the safety of your employees and building occupants.

We can assist you in developing an emergency Plan compliant with Australian Standard AS 3745 2010. We can work together to determine the modifications and establish the emergency plan which works best for your needs. To help you develop your own evacuation diagram discuss your evacuation plan with FCF Rockhampton.

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