Electrical Test and Tag

Electrical Fault Detection for Your Australian Business

Safety Switches and Electrical Test and Tag

The aim of Electrical Test and Tag is to ensure that electrical appliances and equipment is safe to use. Over time electrical items can develop faults which may be dangerous to those operating them. It is important to hire a professional to test and tag your appliances and equipment to keep your workplace and home safe. At a workplace majority of faulty items are extension cords, kettles, hand held power tools. At home the main faulty appliance is the common kettle due to its heating and cooling over time cause element faults. In the workplace and at home a major problem is faulty RCD’s ( residual current device) or otherwise known as Safety Switches. At a critical moment an electrical appliance fails the RCD cuts off the power. Having a faulty RCD would result in an electrical injury or even death. By not following the manufactures testing requirements staff in a work place or family at home could be at risk

The test of Electrical RCDS and Electrical Test and Tag Process

During the RCD, test and tag process electrical appliances will be subjected to a series of tests to ensure they are up to the safety standard. FCF is experienced and qualified in testing and tagging using the latest equipment. We use the following procedures:

  • Inspection of log book or asset list to ensure all items have been rectified or replaced from previous test
  • Visual inspection of the outer equipment casing
  • Visual inspection of the electrical cord and plug top
  • With metering of equipment at FCF Fire & Electrical we use an efficient Pat tester to limit site time and ensure customer pricing is minimal without effecting test procedures
  • Filling out of items Pass/ Fail result in the log book or electronically data base
  • Replacing Passed item back into service and location found. Failed items are repaired on the spot by our qualified electricians or reported to the site manager/ owner.

At FCF all data we collect during the testing and tagging process is integrated into our database or can be recorded into a new or existing log book dependant on the client’s needs and made available to you in electronic and print format.

To make sure your appliances, electrical tools, power leads, safety switches (RCDS) and all other workplace and home electrical equipment are safe, call us today on 1300 323 753