Why Retail Fire Extinguisher Training is Important

Retail Fire Extinguisher Training is done to provide a basic awareness of fire safety in any organisation so that the staff knows how to act in the event of a fire emergency. The Retail fire Extinguisher training begins with giving a basic overview of the nature of fire. This is provided as so to enhance the understanding of the how fires can start and grow and in turn, how they can be combated.

A comprehensive understanding of the 3 major components you need to have for fire – oxygen, fuel, and heat – is essential to develop an ability to prevent and respond to fire-related incidents.

Investing in fire extinguisher training will empower your personnel to feel prepared for accidents in terms of not only the appropriate legislation, such as health and safety requirements but also to equip your personnel with the skills required to use fire extinguishers so that they know the steps to take in the event of a fire emergency. Fire extinguisher training not only provides the essential knowledge and skills required in the operation of fire extinguishers to respond to real incidents of fire, but on how you can protect your premises against fire, and how to ensure the well-being of your personnel during an emergency.

Different Fires Call for Different Responses

Retail Fire Extinguisher Training

There are five different types of fire – and five different ways in which they should be responded to. These five different fire types are as follows: solids such as plastic, paper, and food, flammable liquids (paraffin, oil and gasoline), flammable gases (butane, methane and propane), metals (like magnesium and aluminium), electrical fires (involving electric appliances), and cooking fires, which typically involves fat and oil.

Each of those fires needs to be managed with a different fire extinguisher to successfully put out a fire. Solid substance fires should be treated with water fire extinguishers, while flammable liquid and flammable gases fires should be treated with either foam or dry powder extinguishers.  Specialize fire extinguishers by themselves may be used against metal fires as well as cooking fires, and also an electrical fire could only effectively be contained with a CO2 extinguisher. See this link to know more fire protection in Sout Queensland. 

This particular knowledge is absolutely important for an effective fire safety response as incorrect use of a fire extinguisher on a fire can not only fail to prevent the spread of the fire but in fact can fuel it. Fire extinguisher training covers how to truly make use of a fire extinguisher in the event of an urgent situation.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Retail Fire Extinguisher Training

Retail Fire Extinguisher Training
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1. It’s Required by Law 

Fire extinguisher training for your personnel isn’t just a good idea it required by Law. If your emergency action plan includes the use of fire extinguishers, then your personnel must be trained on how to use them.

2. It could Prevent Injuries

Bolting to a fire if you have never used a fire extinguisher can be a recipe for disaster. You might stand too close to the flames or even extend your arms near enough to be burned while holding an extinguisher. A brief training can teach you and your personnel the best way to stay away from these kinds of errors, as well as provide you with the tips that you need to be safe while effectively extinguishing a fire.

3. It could Prevent Property Damage 

A little fire that can be quickly extinguished may easily turn right into a large-scale blaze which can engulf major sections of your building. If your personnel has the right training, they will know precisely what they should do in case they see a little fire. What this means is they are able to intervene if the fire is still small, before it escalates out of control and leads to extensive damage. Retail Fire extinguisher training may just save your business one day, making it an extremely worthwhile investment.

4. Short time to Take Action

Due to fire extinguisher’s short period of operation, it’s vital that people understand the proper way to use an extinguisher, to put out the fire promptly, before it gets to be a bigger problem.

5. Personnel’s Feel Safe in the Workplace 

Knowing they are likely to use fire extinguishers in a fire emergency, however, not having some training on how to use it, could make personnel’s feel uneasy. It is crucial for them to feel secure in the workplace, as it leads to better perceptions and this may even enhance efficiency.

Call FCF Fire and Electrical South Queensland today to get the professional Retail fire extinguisher training you need to ensure compliance and to safeguard your personnel and business, FCF Fire and Electrical South Queensland also offers first response fire training online. We Ensure your business is 100% Fire Safety Compliant with the Supply and Maintenance of Fire Safety.  Contact us today for a free quote.