Real Estate Agency Fire Detection Alarm Systems

Fire can rise faster than an ice cube melting on a hot surface. The thought of this initiates a sense of urgency to establish a well-secured business. It has to start with awareness of the fire risks within the real estate agency, which leads to installing the necessary Real Estate Fire Detection systems.

A fire detection alarm system works as a primary danger radar through heat, smoke and flame detection at its early stages. Discovering these signs is one of the most crucial parts of a fire, from detecting it to immediately alarming the occupants of the building. Installing an efficient system can save an entire building from burning down and ultimately, the people in it.

Conforming to Australian Standards

Fire detection in buildings is an important aspect of fire safety and the Australian Standards AS 1670.1—2004 implements a standard design, installation, and commissioning of fire detection and alarm systems with their appropriate product standards. Real estate agencies can refer to this when setting up the appropriate fire safety equipment and systems.

Placement of Fire Detectors


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The layout of your building can determine the fire detection and alarm system design you should use. Conventional fire alarm systems are installed in a centralised area or at a passageway such as in the head of stairways. Buildings with multiple storeys should install a smoke alarm on each floor.

Installations require a precise judgement on the exact placement where the alarm should be at least 100 cm away from fluorescent lighting and 30 cm away from other lighting fixtures that can cause false alarms. Furthermore, alarms should be installed in a position where it is safe from contact with air conditioning and ceiling fans. The flowing air can redirect the smoke away from the detector and prevent it from alarming.

The installation of Real Estate Fire Detection systems can either make or break the building code, so it is best to rely on fire safety technicians to install them for you. Hiring one comes with a building assessment and installation of the best type of fire alarms in the right places.



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If properly maintained, your fire detector and alarm system may reach as long as 20 years and even longer. However, a regular testing and inspection are expected for all systems regardless of its date of installation.
Maintaining fire detection systems include but are not limited to these steps:

  1. Calibrating the alarm sensors as per manufacturer specifications. The testing process determines whether the sensor works under the requirements and if there are failure modes and necessary re-installation.
  2. Simulating the inputs and testing the annunciator
  3. Setting sensitivity for a lower or higher concentration of smoke
  4. Checking the battery for corrosion and expiration

Fire detection alarm systems and equipment serve as your life-saving device within your real estate agency working premises. Make sure you make the most out of it with proper maintenance and keep it in compliance with the standards.