Test and Tag Rockhampton – Important Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical equipment must be regularly inspected to ensure it remains safe for users. This process involves both a visual inspection and electrical testing and goes by many names. Some individuals may refer to this as appliance testing, test and tag, electrical tagging and testing, yet they all refer to the same process. Dozens of individuals die every year from electrocution and other injuries or fires resulting from defective equipment, and many of these individuals die in their homes. The purpose of test and tag regulations is to reduce these unnecessary deaths. Businesses are required to undergo regular inspections involving test & tag in Rockhampton to prevent deaths in the workplace.

Equipment To Be Tested

Only certain electrical items need to be tested, and this varies by the type of workplace in which the equipment is used and the common risks associated with the equipment. In fact, the test and tag regulations only require that those in certain industries conduct these inspections along with those in a hostile work environment. These industries can include (but are not limited to) the Mining and Construction Industries, Food and Hospitality industries, Education Institutions, and more. Contact us today to see if your industry is required to undergo Test and tag for it’s electrical equipment. Many business owners wish to know how to determine if their working environment is considered hostile. A hostile work environment is one in which electrical equipment, when used as intended, is exposed to conditions that may lead to damage of the equipment. If electrical equipment doesn’t fall into one of these two categories, the employer is responsible for determining the need for test and tag inspections.

The Importance Of Test And Tag

Employers need to ensure everyone in the workplace remains safe, and this is the goal of test and tag inspections. Managers find their risk of fines and/or imprisonment is reduced when they conduct these inspections as required, and companies find they are better able to track electrical assets when this process is used. Insurance premiums decrease when companies follow the guidelines for test and tag, and business owners find they no longer need to worry about having their insurance voided because they weren’t in compliance.

Every business owner needs to ensure they remain in full compliance with test and tag regulations in the country. If you are unsure of anything related to these requirements, we will be happy to clarify the information for you, especially for those who are uncertain as to whether their workplace qualifies as a hostile environment. Our goal is to ensure employees stay safe at all time and employers don’t find they are in trouble with the law for failing to comply with these regulations. Contact us today for an Electrical Test and Tag service and ensure you remain within the law.