Rockhampton Smoke Detectors – Rest Easy

Home and business owners often have many questions about fire safety, especially when it comes to Rockhampton Smoke Detectors. Laws and regulations in Queensland govern the installation and use of smoke detectors. Below is an explanation of those laws, as well as a description of what smoke detectors do. There is also a list of helpful tips for home and business owners.

Rockhampton Smoke Detectors – What Does the Law Say?

According to Queensland law, homes and rental units built prior to mid-1997 must have at least one working smoke alarm powered by a 9-volt battery. For homes and units built or remodeled after 1997, there must be at least on hard-wired smoke alarm (powered by 240 volts). For buildings erected after May 1, 2014, all smoke alarms must be hard-wired and interconnected to go off at the same time. The law further recommends that smoke detectors in a home should be placed as follows: one in each bedroom, one outside each bedroom, and one for each floor.

Laws and regulations state that photoelectric smoke alarms are preferred over ionization alarms. The former uses a beam of light to detect smoke, and are more effective at detecting smoldering fires. The latter is an older technology that uses electrically charged particle (ions) to detect smoke. These latter alarms are better at detecting flaming fires. While ionization alarms are cheaper, photoelectric smoke alarms are considered more reliable.

How Many Smoke Detectors Are Enough? Where Should They Be Placed?

In general, two per floor is considered sufficient. More are suggested on floors with more than one bedroom. A good rule of thumb for fire safety is this: two per floor, and more in areas where fires can start.

Smoke rises. Accordingly, smoke detectors should be placed on ceilings, near where the wall and ceiling meet. The upper corners of rooms are called “dead air space” where little smoke can reach. Because of this, smoke detectors should be as far away from corners as possible. They should also be kept away from showers because steam can trigger some alarms. Also, ovens and burners, which naturally produce a small amount of smoke, should be avoided. This is because nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or steam make residents less responsive to actual smoke alarms.

Why Smoke Detectors in Queensland?

Studies have shown that Smoke Detectors in Rockhampton and other parts of Queensland reduce the instances of death by fire by over 66%. That means a homeowners chances of surviving a fire detected by Smoke Alarms is tripled! In the southern, central, and northwest parts of the territory, summers are usually hot and dry. This type of climate increases the chance of fires significantly. Fires have also been known to increase during the dry months of Queensland’s mild winters.

Homeowners and residents should keep in mind that fires can occur under nearly any circumstances. Vigilance saves lives. People often think fires cannot happen during rainstorms or near running water. This is simply not true. Lightning during rainstorms is responsible for a large percentage of all fires. In addition, running water and flooding can cause electrical fires.

General Safety Tips

Rockhampton Smoke Detectors are an essential, but they are are only as effective as the people who rely on them. Residents should never ignore a smoke detector alarm, even if they believe it to be false. Batteries should be changed at least once every six months, and more often if the unit’s alarm has gone off. When selecting the best smoke detectors, safety and accuracy should outweigh the cost.

When it comes to Installing Smoke Detectors it is important that a professional do the installation. That way, smoke detectors are up to code, placed in the best possible areas, and have the best chance of remaining accurate during a fire emergency.

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