Importance Of Fire Suppression Equipment During a Heatwave

FEB 14 2017

Extreme heatwave conditions are expected in Rocky as temperatures begin rising. The Bureau of Meteorology has been closely monitoring the situation. The area around Rockhampton Airport recorded temperature of 33.2 degrees Celsius around 1:30 pm. By 2 pm, meteorologists noticed a steady increase as the temperature reached 36.5 degrees Celsius.

The trend is also being witnessed in Yeppoon, which recorded 32.3 degrees Celsius before hitting 37. Meanwhile, Emerald and Biloela recorded 41.1 and 37.4, respectively. The availability of fire suppression equipment is critical in these conditions. This allows residents to deal with any flare-ups.

Preparing for the high temperatures

Emergency services have urged residents to prepare for the rise in temperature by taking appropriate safety measures, such as keeping fire suppression equipment ready for any eventualities. The Bureau of Meteorology expects the heatwave to extend all the way up the Queensland coast.

The temperature in Rocky will most likely hit the 42 degrees Celsius mark, which is way above February averages. In the meantime, Emerald, Biloela and Yeppoon are expected to face maximums of 36, 42 and 36 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Meteorologists say overnight temperature for Rockhampton will be 25 degrees Celsius, which should translate to uncomfortable conditions. The maximums expected in the area could come close to the record temperature of 43.3 that was experienced on February 11, 1969.

An official of the Central Region, Craig Magick has voiced concern about the elevated risk of fire activity due to the heatwave. He said fire crews were prepared to handle any flare-ups in the area. A very high fire danger warning has been issued to ensure that residents stay on high alert.

Heatwave conditions usually cause fire to spread rapidly. For this reason, the authorities urge members of the public to dial 000 without delay in the event that they notice flare ups in their area. Quick response by the emergency teams is critical. Authorities have not issued any fire bans in the Gladstone and Banana Shires areas. However, fire permits have been suspended as officials monitor the situation.

Fire suppression equipment

Craig Magick urges residents to have fire suppression equipment ready, particularly when using power equipment. He also advises people to minimise slashing. The fire suppression systems should be well-maintained to ensure that it is always in optimal operating condition.

The systems come in a wide variety to suit different applications. From sprinkler systems to wet and dry chemical agents, it is vital to stay safe in the heatwave conditions facing Rockhampton and other areas. If you want to know more about Fire Suppression Equipment, just contact FCF National today.