Fire Extinguisher Service in Rockhampton

Fire safety is one of the most important emergency protocols for every business owner and operator to understand. Regardless of whether the business is housed in a commercial building, a public building, or a multi-occupancy residential building, regular maintenance and inspections are necessary. Meeting fire safety protocols is essential for insuring a business. It can be an involved process to get fire safety systems inspected. In Rockhampton Fire Extinguishers Servicing is a very in-depth process that requires inspections at regular intervals. Businesses benefit from meeting these service requirements, but there are also benefits of knowing about the protocol service technicians must follow and guidelines for proper equipment placement and safety.

Managing Fire Extinguishers at Your Business

So what goes into Fire Extinguisher Maintenance services? Well, first it is important for a business owner to know about general safety protocol for having fire extinguishers on the premises of their businesses. All fire extinguishers should be plainly visible with proper signage to indicate their locations. Every extinguisher should be easy for employees, tenants, or safety personnel to access. The proper type of fire extinguisher should be placed next to any clear fire hazard in the workplace. Finding the proper extinguisher can be determined by the source of the potential fire hazard. It may also be a worthwhile investment to spend time educating employees on fire extinguisher safety and usage.

Fire Extinguisher Service – What is Required

On top of properly managing Fire Extinguishers in Rockhampton business locations, it is important that these safety products receive proper care. Maintenance of fire extinguishers should be handled at six-month intervals. These tests and intervals should be recorded on a label or metal tag attached to the extinguisher. If an extinguisher does not have a pressure gauge, it is necessary to weigh it during this examination to determine if they are still full. At any point, if part of the contents of the fire extinguisher are ejected they will need to be serviced and refilled. Every fire extinguisher needs to be tested, emptied and refilled after a five year period. Some other tests may need to be conducted to service particular models at different periods.

Fire Extinguisher Service – Why is it Important?

All of these service standards are dependent upon service personnel. Much in the way these maintenance services are conducted is designed to protect businesses and owners. Every member of service personnel is required to identify themselves to a member of staff before beginning any service operations in a building. Service personnel should arrive in uniform, but the individual who checks them in should still identify them and ensure that they are from the company’s authorized provider. Business owners need to know those extinguisher companies and technicians have no authority to enforce legislation of fines or prosecution. The designated employee should get the technician to sign off on all necessary documentation and explain any service charges. Any reputable service company will be happy to provide full compliance with these regulations.

Proper fire safety isn’t just important for a business, it can end up costing owners a lot more than money in the long run if they don’t take care to maintain high safety standards on their property. Remember to know where to place fire safety systems. Know what is involved in fire extinguisher maintenance to protect a business. Be aware of the quality control in place to protect businesses and owners from poor maintenance services. For professional advice and help with your Rockhampton Fire Extinguisher Service, contact us today.