dry chemical fire extinguishers

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

A Dry chemical fire extinguishers are among the most commonly used fire extinguishers in Australia. This is largely due to their capacity to combat a variety of fires. These fire extinguishers are also popular because of their low cost and their effectiveness in fighting fires.


These fire extinguishers can be easily distinguished by the white band around its cylinder, close to the top. In addition, when properly installed in the building, they should be easily identified by what is called a description sign. As the name suggests, the sign describes the types of fires it can be used for and those for which they should not be used.

dry chemical fire extinguisher
A dry chemical fire extinguisher is identified by a white ring

What Fires Can A Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher be Used For?

There are 2 kinds of dry chemical fire extinguishers, which are the ABE and BE type. The more popular of the two is the ABE dry chemical fire extinguisher. The name is derived from the classes of fires against which the extinguisher is effective. These are classes A, B and E.

  • Class A Fires are caused by paper, cardboard, wood and similar materials
  • Class B Fires are caused by flammable liquid, petrol, gas
  • Class E Fires are electrical fires

BE is the other type of dry chemical fire extinguisher. Again, the name is derived from the classes of fire the extinguisher can effectively put out – classes B and E. This type of fire extinguisher is a lot less commonly used than the ABE type. Both of these fire extinguishers have the identifying white band; however the description signs will display the difference.

Dry chemical fire extinguishers are tremendously versatile and effective. Both types can be used to extinguish flammable gas fires; however, the situation should be carefully evaluated before this is done. This is because burning gas eliminates the gas, while putting out the fire could cause the gas to continue to escape, build up and possibly explode if not cut off from the source.

If not properly serviced, the chemical powder could compact at the base of the extinguisher. This could cause the extinguisher to malfunction.

Installation of Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers should be supplied and installed by a professional fire safety company. FCF Fire and Electrical Rockhampton can ensure your Fire Extinguisher is fully operational and compliant with the appropriate Australian standards.

We can ensure that you have the correct extinguisher installed in your business with the correct signage and positioning. We can also assist with maintenance of your extinguisher as per Australian standard requirements. Contact us today for a free quote on the supply and installation of your Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher.