Are You Confident Your Business Has The Correct Fire Extinguishers Installed?

Are you confident that your business has the correct fire extinguishers installed? Did you know certain extinguishers are made for specific fire types? There are actually 6 main fire extinguisher types in Australia which can be installed in business premises. The various types of fire extinguishers in Australia are for different types of fire. Because …

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Emergency Evacuation Plan

Read the requirements for Rockhampton businesses when it comes to an emergency evacuation plan. These evacuation plans provide safety for all occupants

RCD Installation

RCDs are required by law to be installed in Australian homes and businesses. They are proven life savers that ensure the safety of all occupants in a building. Find out more about RCD requirements for Rockhampton homes and businesses and get a free quote on RCD installation and testing.

Light Installation Rockhampton

Good lighting can transform a home. Ask us today about a range of lights we can install in your home from LED Downlights to Stylistic Pendant lights and more. Let us help you transform your home with our complete light installation service.

Fire Compliance Certificates for Rockhampton Businesses

Businesses in Rockhampton need to ensure their business complies with Australian Fire Safety Standards. In Queensland, there is a Fire Safety Compliance which ensures businesses are fully compliant to Australian standards. We can help you obtain a fire compliance certificate for your Rockhampton business.

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