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Fire Safety Checklist For Melbourne Restaurants

Once customers come in through your restaurant doors, you’d want them to experience excellent service while sampling on your tasty food. Nevertheless, most customers are likely unaware that in just a matter of minutes, an open flame or even a small electrical spark could possibly start a fire which can rapidly move. And so, maintaining …

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The Importance of Emergency Light testing

Emergency Exit lights are critical to the safety of a business. They illuminate the path to safety in an emergency situation. Businesses are required by law to ensure they are fully functioning and serviced every 6 months. Talk to FCF Fire and Electrical to ensure your business is fully safe and compliant with all safety standards.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Smoke alarms are an essential part of keeping any Melbourne business premise or home fire safe. Every year in Melbourne many tragic events could be prevented with correctly installed and functioning smoke alarms. Contact us today for information about smoke alarms in your home.

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