FCF Fire & Electrical Exclusively Offers Emergency Exit Lights With 5-year Warranty

FCF Fire & Electrical Exclusively Offers Emergency Exit Lights With 5-year Warranty

Emergency exit lights can usually be seen within many businesses, and are used in order to lead occupants of a business facility to an exit during the event of an emergency. Emergency Exit Lights say “EXIT” on a rectangular sign above a doorway to the outside, and are a requirement for most businesses for fire compliance. Emergency exit lights are an important component of the fire safety plan for any building.

A businesses fire safety plan, including the exit lights, should conform with AS2293 that apply to the building and should be serviced and maintained according to those regulations as well. AS 1851 sets the standards for all inspectors, contractors, regulators and business owners in testing, surveying and performing maintenance on fire protection systems such as fire detection testing and exit light testing. It will help ensure the safety of employees and customers if the building does catch on fire and can help save lives.

How can Emergency Exit Lights Save Lives?


Emergency exit
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Whenever there is a fire in the building, the lights could go out. And even if it’s daytime and there are enough windows in the building, it could still be impossible for an individual to see where they are going because of accumulation of smoke in the building.  Emergency Exit Lights within the building can assist individuals find their way to the nearest exit and prevent death or serious injuries from the fire itself or due to smoke inhalation.

FCF Fire & Electrical exclusively Offers a 5-year warranty for its emergency exit Lights this allows clients to forecast budget requirements on their Fire Compliance for five years. Our rigorously tested products are warranted for their reliability and available at competitive prices which are a good bargain, considering the crucial job they do to protect your customers and employees.

We also offer a range of fire protection equipment like commercial fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers, fire detection systems, fire extinguishers, online fire safety training courses, hydrant testing, RCD testing, electrical works and many more. Contact us today for a free quote.

FCF Fire and Electrical Launches Online Fire Safety Training Platform

FCF Fire and Electrical Launches Online Fire Safety Training Platform

Prevention is the easiest way to keep the workforce safe from fires. Online fire safety training is a great way to ensure your employees are well-informed and trained without spending a lot of time in the training room.

Waiting for a training class to start can be time-consuming and reading pages and pages can be boring. So, we are very happy to announce as FCF Fire and Electrical launches its Online Fire Safety Training Platform, we offer a better way with our high-quality, interactive-based fire safety courses.
Benefits of Online Fire Safety Training :

  • Our world-class fire safety training takes only 15 minutes to complete
  • Train anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Get started right now – no more waiting
  • Rewind and pause as needed
  • Start now, finish later at your own convenience

Under government legislation, all workers have to take sufficient fire safety training, no matter what industry they are employed in.  This online fire safety training provides relevant training for all levels of employees full-time or part-time staff.

Online Fire Safety Training means flexibility and convenience. You can have Fire Safety Training from virtually anywhere as long as you have access to a computer, smartphone or tablet, and you can do it on your own schedule. Unlike classroom fire safety training courses, Online Fire Safety Training can be paused, resumed, and re-watched as often as it takes for you to be adept with fire safety. It’s the most convenient, flexible training available!

With our online fire safety training, you can ensure the safety of your workforce with no face to face training cost and minimal workplace disruption. Get started today contact FCF Fire and Electrical to find out how. FCF Fire and Electrical also offers other fire protection services such as Fire Compliance Services, Evacuation Diagrams, install and maintain Fire Safety Equipment, Electrical Test and Tag and much more.

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NSW Leads the Way with Fire Safety Reforms

Fire Safety NSW reforms have gone into effect as of January 2017. While these changes and amendments are relatively recent, other states may be falling slightly behind. NSW has introduced a range of improvements, according to the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA). In fact, FPA CEO Scott Williams has heralded NSW and its regulatory changes as a model to other Australian states to follow.

The Fire Safety Reforms

According to recent Fire Safety NSW reforms, there will be stringent requirements and criteria for people handling critical life-safe saving devices. This includes alarms, along with sprinklers and fire extinguishers. This, of course, will be mandated by Australia’s Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

Individuals must meet accreditation via the FPAS, while effectively displaying their competence in handling fire safety equipment at their respective establishments. This may include apartment complexes, sporting venues, schools, hospitals, and commercial offices. These new reforms prevent just anyone from accessing these items without prior training and experience.

Fire detector and extinguisher
Fire detector and sprinkler

Improved Documentation Protocols

The NSW reforms will also improve fire safety documentation and protocols. This includes plans for commercial properties, along with specifications and baseline data information. In addition, there will be more inspections to ensure buildings and offices are complying with the new reforms. This includes meeting all competency requirements — including specifications on who is allowed to handle certain fire safety activities.

The reforms have been welcomed by NSW but are still in pre-implementation stages across some part of the state. While Sydney is already on board and has seen significant improvements in fire safety — it should not take too long for other cities and towns — in and out of the state — to catch up.

The Importance of the Reforms

According to Mr. Williams, the fire safety NSW reforms are crucial to life safety across the board. It is also paramount to have effective operations that ensure all safety guidelines are being met. This includes equipment to put out small or extensive fires, along with alarms that will notify the fire department and volunteers immediately. This can mean all the difference between tragedy and escape –and as a result — those commissioned to handle these devices must be fully competent and trained in all safety areas.

4 Fire extinguishers

Proactive Rather than Reactive Policy

NSW officials have incorporated these new safety measures before disasters strikes. Sadly, advances in fire safety only seem to occur after major disasters occur. For example: the Queensland Hostel Fire that took place in 2015 — where sadly — 15 people lost their lives. To prevent these tragedies from happening, fire safety officials and city governments have stepped up efforts to ensure all preventative measures are being strictly followed and adhered to.

Compliance Australia Wide with FCF

If you own a business in NSW and want to check if your building is 100% fire safety compliant, Check out our Fire Safety for Sydney page or contact FCF National today. If you live elsewhere in Australia, FCF can help ensure your business is fire safe. We adhere to best practices for fire safety and provide a high standard of compliance for your business where you are based in Australia. Contact FCF today.

Essential Tips for Emergency Evacuation Plans

Companies in Australia must adequately prepare for any emergency at the workplace. Specific instructions and a state of readiness are necessary and beneficial in forestalling a calamity. Emergency evacuation plans are required because they provide organisations with codes of conduct and procedures for handling such situations. It is also imperative that businesses comply with legislation in the implementation of an emergency for workplaces.

Understanding Emergency Plans

Before having a contingency plan for emergencies, it is paramount that businesses understand what this plan is. Emergency evacuation plans are sets of guidelines or frameworks for workers. These plans outline how employees should act in the event of an emergency at the workplace. The plans determine certain factors that employees should set into motion during emergencies.

The Provisions Included in Emergency Plans

Emergency evacuation plans provide for an adequate and efficient reaction to an emergency. They also outline the procedures that must occur during evacuations. They have provisions for ensuring that the relevant emergency services have the informed about the situation. Contingency plans also include the provision for medical attention. During cases of emergency, there is a need for communication between the person commissioned as the supervisor in emergency responses and everyone at the workplace. Communication is necessary as a provision in critical situations to ensure that employees have the information they need.

Escape plan

The Need for Experimentation and Information

It is also essential to experiment with the emergency procedures that are in place. The trials or drills help workers to prepare for actual emergencies. They also contribute to determining the efficacy of emergency evacuation plans. Any emergency evacuation plan should also provide employees with information, training, and guidelines that are pertinent to them. The information, training, and guidelines are expressly in connection to the actualisation of the emergency operations.

Reasons Emergency Evacuation Plans are Important

There will be instances where emergency situations are inevitable. How businesses respond to such cases makes a huge difference and can save lives and help avoid destruction to property. It is for this reason that a business should have emergency evacuation plans. It is impossible to determine when a fire, terrorist threats or any other emergency might arise that might put workers in danger.

Important Factors to Consider

It is essential that any contingency plan created remains in tandem with the location and size of the business premises. In creating emergency evacuation plans, it is also vital to consider factors such as the nature of work that undertaken at the premises. The nature of hazards if any must also put into consideration. In making a plan for emergencies, it is essential to consult relevant authorities and work with people that qualified in related areas. Working with the local Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) can help boost preparedness. Emergency plans must also consider factors such as remoteness or closeness to emergency and health services. It is also essential that workers have ready access to contingency plans or access to the primary components of the program.

Employee Emergency Obligations

Employers are obligated by law to ensure that they make provisions for a safe and healthy working environment for employees. Employers should ensure that employees get sufficient information, training, and guidance on emergency evacuation plans.  If you want to get more information about Emergency Evacuation Plans, contact FCF National today.

The Oakland Warehouse Fire Tragedy and Building Fire Safety

Building fire safety should be one of the first considerations of business owners, who are leasing or purchasing any type of property for their business. Unfortunately, fire safety complacency remains a problem.

This feeling of false security may have contributed to the Oakland, California warehouse tragedy that took place in 2016. A warehouse was used for a dance event that ended costing 36 people their lives when a fire broke out. Although the fire protection industry has seen a decrease in the number and extent of loss of fires in the last decade, preventable incident.

The warehouse did not have enough exits to accommodate the number of people present in the event of an emergency. A lack of adequate fire protection measures, such as proper ventilation and substances to keep out of the space, was also cited.

ventilation, ventilator

The Australian FPA continues to urge business owners to comply fully with the National Construction Code that lists the fire protection measures that should be in place for each building type to avoid future tragedies that can be easily avoided. Building fire safety through clearer national safety laws in the US and in Australia will protect life and property in emergency situations.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a sister agency to the Australian Fire Protection Agency (FPA), shares this incident to stress the need for greater fire safety code compliance and to warn against complacency.

Fire codes are put in place for logistical reasons. The layout of new buildings, or existing ones that will be used for a different purpose than was originally intended, is planned around these codes. If a location is intended to be used by many people at once, there should be a certain number of exits, fire hydrants, and other precautions.

Fire Hose and Fire Extinguisher

The warehouse that was used to host the dance event was not constructed to accommodate the number of people that were present at the event or their activities. The large number of people could not find enough exits to escape the fire in time, highlighting the need to follow fire laws in the US and Australia (and anywhere else, for that matter). National safety laws should be clear enough for anyone to understand and should use layman’s terms. Lay people are more likely to read safety signs and informational posters then they are to refer back to a fire safety manual or call an expert for an assessment. So, one of the ways we can ensure that fire safety regulations are followed is by making these codes easy-to-understand and accessible.

Educating people about what safety laws mean and why they are put in place will increase the chance that these codes are accepted and followed. Stricter and more consistent enforcement of these laws will instil a sense of accountability for all occupants of a building. The cost of life and property damage greatly outweigh the cost of training employees to stay informed and current on national fire safety laws. For more information about building fire safety, contact FCF today.