Strata Management Fire Service

Most children are taught in school at a very early age that fire safety is no game. This knowledge carries over to adult life in the form of fire safety regulations and STRATA. Anyone who has been a place of business has seen these regulations in action. Fire safety equipment will be located in an easy to reach designated area. Fire doors are placed opposite the entrance of the business for safe egress.

emergency evacuation

Certain equipment is required in order for the business to legally operate and that equipment must be maintained. Compliance with these laws and regulations is assured with annual inspections as well as property ownership laws proposed by STRATA. For business owners and strata management groups, there is no shortage of complications to make compliance with these regulations difficult. So to make it a little easier here is an explanation of STRATA, fire safety guidelines, and how to make compliance easy.

What is STRATA?

The STRATA title is a system in which more than one individual can own part of a parcel of land in order to secure certain interests such as tenancy or land ownership. This concept was introduced about fifty years ago as a means for multiple parties to share ownership without having to outright purchase segments of the property. For example tenants in a flat could purchase the land on which the flat resides while the property retains ownership of the flat itself. In this way, the responsibilities of ownership and compliance with certain standards were shared in a reasonable way. STRATA does away with older methods of controlling interests in parcels by dividing responsibilities such as fire safety compliance appropriately. Strata Management Fire Service guidelines can be found on the STRATA management website.

Fire Safety Regulation

By using STRATA to appoint responsibilities in fire safety compliance the responsible party is required by law to have certain pieces of safety equipment, emergency aid tools, and adequate emergency evacuation plans are available. fire safety regulations are enforced in order to assure that the equipment and utilities in a place of business or leased property are reliable and adequate.

Canberra Fire Blankets

Violators of these regulations are not allowed to operate their business in the interest of public health and safety. Annual inspections assure compliance and remind business owners that fire safety is nothing to be lax about. Businesses found in violation fire safety standards are given a certain amount of time to fix issues before fines are levied unless the violation presents a danger to occupants.

Compliance Isn’t Hard

Fire safety regulations and STRATA are not as difficult to understand as it may seem. There are a lot of tools available for businesses as well as service providers such as Strata Management Fire Service to help ensure compliance. It is essential to ensure all fire safety equipment is correctly installed and maintained within the STRATA property. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, fire extinguishers, emergency exit lights, smoke alarms, fire blankets, fire panels and more.

Emergency Exit Light
FCF Fire & Electrical technician installing an emergency exit light

Fire safety is nothing to take lightly. Simply having the right equipment in the right place and properly maintained could save lives. STRATA management is likely to be liable if someone gets injured as a result of inadequate fire protection equipment.

Because of the myriad of rules and regulations in Australia, fire compliance is best left to a professional service. Good STRATA management will ensure the property has fire safety to the highest standard. FCF Fire & Electrical is a professional service provider who can ensure your STRATA property is 100% fire safe and compliant to the highest standards. We can assist with the supply and installation of fire safety equipment as well as provide ongoing 6 month maintenance checks. All our data is stored using cloud based technology which enables the STRATA management team to be able to access at any time for council checks and audits. For a free quote contact FCF Fire and Electrical Canberra today.