Fire Indicator Panels Canberra

All Australian businesses must remain compliant with Australian fire safety regulations. In addition to providing training for their workers, they must install safety fixtures that identify fires. Fire Alarm Panels are among these installations regulated by federal laws.


What are Fire Indicator Panels?

The fire indicator panels are installations that identify the presence of smoke or fires in buildings. They are connected to an alert system to engage fire safety mechanisms to reduce the potential of injuries and damage. The panels start an alarm that alerts the inhabitants of the building of the fire. The same panel connects to a network to notify fire rescue services about the existing fire.

Why is It Important to have Fire Indicator Panels Serviced and Maintained Regularly?

Regular servicing and maintenance for these systems ensure their proper function. Trained technicians engage the systems to determine if they are operating correctly. The type of fire indicator panel determines how they are serviced and maintained. The federal fire safety regulations define these regulations based on the type of installation.

Testing for Fire Alarm Panels

All testing for the fire alarm panels must include all apparatuses and networks connected to the panel. The tests are conducted each month. The findings of these tests are recorded in a log book. Federal safety agencies review these records to ensure that the company is following these regulations correctly.

At any time that the panels fail, the technician must report the error and have it serviced immediately. These strategies prevent the potential for ineffective notification when a fire is present. The technicians must determine that all connections are operational according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Where are the Panels Installed?

The Commercial Fire Alarm Panels are installed into the ceiling. These panels are often connected to sprinkler systems that engage at the first sign of a fire. The alarm system engages and releases water through these fixtures. The alert system is connected through a network connection. It is through this connection that the alarm engages and alerts all workers in the area. An emergency alert system is connected to the panels to allow outside notifications to fire fighting services.

Maintaining Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

The property owner must follow all regulations pertaining to these systems. This includes scheduling maintenance each month. They must ensure that a trained and licensed technician conducts testing. They must acquire repairs and replacement of these systems as outlined in fire safety regulations for their local area.

Commercial properties that aren’t compliant with federal fire safety regulations present the owner with a penalty. The penalty is defined according to the fire safety regulation they violated. They must complete all requirements as outlined for these systems or risk the potential of a company-wide shutdown for these safety violations.

Company owners are required to install fire safety equipment to keep their workers safe at all times. These laws apply to all installations that are used to notify workers and owners of any potential fire risk. Company owners who need assistance with these requirements should contact Canberra Fire Alarm Panels for more information.