Fire Compliance Certificates Canberra

All Australian companies must follow the requirements of all fire safety standards. The legislation dictates how fire safety equipment is installed and maintained in the work environment. The purpose of the standard is to increase workplace safety and prevent injuries and fatalities. A Fire Compliance Certificate is required annually for all Australian companies for these purposes.

What Are the Requirements for a Fire Compliance Certificate?


The business must install all required fire safety equipment appropriately. The certificate is an indication that the building owner has followed all fire safety standards. This includes the installation of fire exit signs, fire doors, fire hydrants, and fire extinguishers. The building owner must acquire a certificate each time new fire safety equipment is installed or if their building is extended.

Upon completion, the building owner must submit the certificate to the appropriate council. The certificate is evaluated to ensure compliance with all required fire safety standards. The council determines if the installed fire safety measures are adequate according to the size of the building. They also evaluate the capacity of the building to ensure adequate measures were taken.

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What Building Types Are Included in These Standards?


The standard for Fire Safety Compliance applies to every building excluding classification 1A and 10. The applicable buildings are covered in Part A3.2 to direct building owners. The legislation doesn’t excluded buildings based on size. However, they are included according to classification.

What Additional Fire Safety Protection Is Needed?


The buildings require sprinkler systems to manage large-scale fires. The building owner may also need automatic fire suppression, and smoke exhaust systems. All buildings must also possess fire detection and alarm systems that alert their workers. These systems should be tested according to the standard to ensure proper functionality.


What is the Maintenance Schedule According to the Standard?


The standard defines a monthly schedule for testing and repairs. The building owner must designate a specific employee to conduct the tests. This individual must possess adequate credentials according to local authorities. They must also generate a full report of their findings.

How FCF Fire & Electrical Can Assist Businesses in Canberra


As a fire safety company, we provide a full inspection of the property to ensure compliance. We inspect all fire safety equipment to determine if it is appropriate and functioning properly. We evaluate the type of fire safety equipment installed to determine if it meets the standards for the building type.

What Can Services Do These Consultants Offer Your Company?


By hiring consultants, the company owner could gain access to vital services. These services may include identification of additional fire safety equipment needed. It could also involve fire safety training for employees.

The consultants could also evaluate strategies used currently by the company. The consultants identify vital changes that could increase compliance. They also help the building owner increase safety and reduce fire-related liabilities.

Australian business owners should hire a consultant to evaluate their business. These consultants could help them identify potential hazards and non-compliance violations. Business owners who need help with Fire Compliance should contact a consultant today.