Emergency Exit Signs In Canberra – Business Requirements

Businesses must fulfill legal requirements for maintaining a safe premises. These requirements begin with the proper installation and maintenance of Emergency Exit Signs in Canberra Businesses. Businesses that fail to comply with these standards could face legal penalties and hefty fines. The following presents vital details about these standards and regulations for business owners.

Legal Installation Requirements For Emergency Exit Signs


The standards begin by designating that all commercial properties that fall under the class 6 building classifications require no less than one emergency exit. Any building of this classification in which the dimensions exceed one hundred meters must adhere to the standard created on July 1, 1994. These standards require the installation in multiple locations according to the standards.

  • These standards indicate that these signs must appear in the following locations:
  • Any stairway that is enclosed or limits passage of patrons or patients. This includes ramps used for handicapped individuals.
  • All stairways that have an external connection to the building that doesn’t lead to the roadway directly.
  • All balconies connected to the building that require passage through the building to exit the property.
  • All doors that lead from stairways on each level of the building designating the proper route for escape.
  • Any horizontal exit leading outside the building.
  • Any doors that require emergency lighting as designated in additional standards and regulations.


Ensuring Visibility at All Times


To ensure visibility at all times, the business owner must follow standards that apply to emergency lighting practices. The emergency lighting must ensure visibility of each exit sign based on the distance between each sign and the size of the room. The purpose of these lighting requirements is to prevent potential injury due to a lack of guidance provided by these installed devices. The requirements designate that lighting must be positioned around all hallways, passageways, and staircases. This includes all balconies and doors that could lead to exterior areas of the property that don’t lead to roadways directly.

Maintenance Requirements for Emergency Exit Signs


Maintenance requirements for Emergency Exit Signs in Canberra is presented to authorized electricians under standard AS/NZS2293, Part 2. The purpose of testing and maintenance is to ensure that the exit signs remain compliant and functional. They are installed to prevent the probability of potential falls and personal injuries. These events could create the possibility for a premise’s liability and place the owner in actionable territory.

To begin testing and maintenance, the electrician must perform thermal and duration tests. These test consist of identifying the charge and discharge intervals of the signs and how they perform based on variable temperatures. Next, they test the light output of the signs. They must follow standards based on the classification of the building. This determines the distance between the emergency lighting and the ceiling. Finally, the electrician tests the color, lighting abilities, and testing format for the signs. This ensures that the perform as expected under all circumstances.

Replacing Emergency Exit Signs According to Standards


Canberra Emergency Exit Lights are replaced according to electrical laws outline by these standards. The sign must be compliant with the standards based on the classification of the building in which it is installed. This indicates that it must meet size, lighting abilities, and measurement requirements for the specific building. Additionally, the business owner must hire a licensed electrician who meets the qualifications as outlined by local laws and regulations. A failure to hire a proper electrician for this task could result in criminal penalties and fines.

Australian businesses are required by local laws and standards to install proper emergency exits. The standards outline the total number of signs required for each floor of the building. They also designate how these signs are maintained and replaced. Businesses that need information about Emergency Exit Lights should contact FCF Fire & Electrical Today.