Child Care Centre Fire Safety

Every day all over Australia children attend child care centres. It is paramount that these centres comply with the highest safety standards. This is particularly the case when it comes to fire safety. Child care centre fire safety is an essential component of operating a safe Child care facility.

Fire Evacuation Drills

One of the most common practices for encouraging fire safety at child care centres is to have fire drills on a regular basis. During these drills, children are expected to calmly line-up and walk out the door. During the chaos of a fire, this practice rarely materializes. This is why fire safety standards are set by law to assure everyone is able to make their escape as safely as possible.

emergency evacuation
Emergency evacuation routes should be clear and known by all staff and children


Australian Fire Safety Standards

Standard fire safety precautions have been put in place in order to assure the safest possible transgress from a burning building. These regulations include fire resistant wall materials, effective fire alert systems inside the building, sprinkler systems, and many other standards that help prevent harm during a fire. When it comes to Fire Safety for Child Care Centers nothing can be left to chance. See the page on AS1851 fire safety on our national site.

Building Standards and Fire Protection Equipment

The interior and exterior walls of a building are required to contain certain materials that may be combustible. This evaluation ensures that the building will remain mostly intact during an escape so the occupant will have plenty of time to make their way out. Occupant warning systems are to be regularly tested to assure efficacy. Every occupant must be alerted when a fire occurs in order to keep them from being trapped in the building. Fire indicator panels serve this purpose and should be installed in larger facilities. Smoke alarms and Sprinkler systems help keep the fire from spreading where it might prevent escape.

Fire Safety Training

Unlike adults, children don’t understand how their behavior can affect their safety. This means that special precautions need to be taken in order to assure the safety of a child care facility. Some additional equipment may be necessary depending on the ages of children in the facility. Most importantly, the staff must receive extensive training on fire safety in order to assure all the children are taken care of during an emergency. Fire Safety Training can also assist with a basic understanding of the types of fire extinguishers and how to use them.

Additional training could include how to account for all the children during an emergency, some medical training, and how to use equipment that could save lives when a fire occurs. Fire Safety for Child Care Centers is not completely dissimilar to other fire safety standards but the practice can be much more complicated. Being accountable for children too young to understand what’s going on means accepting a whole new level of responsibility.

Parent Involvement in Fire Safety

One of the best ways to help keep children safe during a fire emergency is by teaching them about fire safety at home. Parents should actively teach their children what to do when a room is filled with smoke, how to see if a door is safe to open, and how to Stop drop and roll if their clothing catches fire. These skills can make a tremendous difference when a fire emergency occurs and could actually save lives.

As most parents know, children emulate each other. If one child displays the skills needed to remain safe during a fire emergency others will follow suit. Additionally, parents should check their chosen child safety care center to assure the proper equipment is in place and that all staff members are well trained.

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Fire safety is nothing to be lax about. When standards are not meant it could make the difference between a safe escape and serious harm. Parents and caregivers need to be sure that every precaution is taken and all safety equipment operates properly. If there are any issues with fire safety standards the Fire Protection Agency of Australia should be contacted immediately.

If you need further assistance on child care centre fire safety, contact FCF Fire & Electrical Canberra or visit our national site if you are outside the canberra area.