Canberra Fire Blankets: An Essential Safety Solution

Canberra Fire Blankets are, along with fire extinguishers, a foundation of home and business fire safety. Each year, they prevent injuries and save lives. But there are many questions associated with them. What is a Fire Blanket? Which is the right blanket? When should it be used? How does someone learn How to use a Fire Blanket? What is the best storage location? These questions are answered below.

What is a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are fireproof blankets meant to be put over small, starting fires to extinguish them. Usually constructed from fiberglass or Kevlar, they are rated to up to 900 degrees of heat (Fahrenheit). When placed, they cut off the fires oxygen supply, making it die out quickly. Along with fire extinguishers, these blankets are considered mainstays in home and business fire management. They are considered far easier to use than most fire extinguishers, making them the first line of defense in homes. Smaller blankets are used in these situations, while larger ones are made for laboratories, factories, and other businesses.

Most blankets come in quick-release containers or easy-tear packages for fast, effective use. The Tasmania Fire Service typically requires blankets to be at least 1.2 meters by 1.8 meters in size (roughly 4 by 6 feet).


Canberra Fire Blankets

Selecting the Right Fire Blanket


Fire Blankets in Canberra come in a variety of sizes. Blankets should be large enough to cover a small fire in a room, but not so large that they are cumbersome or difficult to place on the fire. Users should check to make sure the blanket fulfills the AS/NZISS 3504 standard in Australia.

When to Use the Blanket


If a fire appears unmanageable, or the perceived chances of personal injury are moderate to high, people should simply exit the structure as quickly and orderly as possible. Blankets should only be used on small, localized fires that are significantly smaller than the blanket’s dimensions. While fire blankets can theoretically extinguish most fires, they are mostly rated to deal with burning oils and fats associated with cooking. (Such fires are designated Class F.) Accordingly, blankets rated in this way should only be used for fires on a stove, microwave, burner, or cooking surface. However, some blankets are also rated for Class A, B, and D fires (small flammable liquid and solid fires).

How To Use the Blanket


Below are step-by-step instructions for blanket use.

  1. Users should always familiarize themselves with the instructions long before use (preferably immediately after purchase).
  2. Users should place themselves facing the fire and between the fire and an emergency exit.
  3. Open the banket by pressing on the container or holding the tape to tear off the packaging.
  4. Wrap the pockets of the blanket around the hands. (If there are no pockets, use the corners with tape on them). Hold the blanket up to shield the hands, forearms, and face from the fire.
  5. Lay the blanket (never throw it) onto the fire, ensuring the edges are fairly well-sealed against the floor or surface. Never lay on the blanket. Users may tamp down the edges to create a better seal if it is safe to do so.
  6. Leave the blanket on to cool the fire for no less than 30 minutes. If there is any doubt about the fire being out, contact the authorities immediately.
  7. Turn off all heating surfaces and electricity in the room where the fire was located.
  8. Remove the blanket and discard it after use.

Most fire blankets are meant for one-time use and should be replaced immediately after.

Best Places to Store the Blanket


It is recommended that blankets are not stored close to a hazard area such as a stove, furnace, or exposed wiring. Instead, it should be stored in the same room or directly outside the room where a fire is most likely, in a place that can be reached quickly and easily.

Canberra Fire Blankets, paired with fire extinguishers, can limit injury and property damage while potentially saving lives. Customers looking for fire blankets should contact FCF Fire and Electrical Canberra today for a free quote and advice on Fire Blankets.

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