Body Corporate Fire Regulations

Fires can cause enormous amounts of devastation to a business and can easily cause injuries or death. A business owner must be proactive to ensure their buildings are fire safety compliant to help reduce the chances of a fire occurring and to help deal with a fire if it does occur to help save as many people as possible in the building. In order to do this, they must make sure they meet at least the minimum guidelines for the fire safety for their particular building. One way to do this is to work with a professional company to ensure everything is done properly.

Consequences of Not Following Regulations

Body Corporate Fire Regulations are incredibly serious and need to be followed by every business. The most devastating effect of not following these regulations is the chance for severe injuries and death to occur if there is a fire in the building. On top of that, there is a large potential for the loss of products, essential data, equipment, and even the building itself if a fire occurs and there is no way to stop it as quickly as possible or control it until emergency personnel arrives. Along with these consequences, there is the chance the body corporate could be fined if they are caught not adhering to the regulations and there is the possibility of jail time if a fire does occur and there are deaths as a result.

Emergency Exit Light
FCF Fire & Electrical technician installing an emergency exit light

Ensuring Compliance with Body Corporate Fire Regulations

The business owner needs to understand what regulations apply to their business and how to implement them. The main objectives of the regulations are to ensure people inside the building can get out if there is an emergency and to ensure all fire safety installations are well maintained so they work properly when needed. The Body corporate fire safety requirements include maintaining fire safety installations, checking to ensure evacuation routes are clear, reviewing the evacuation plans, training responsible persons to handle an emergency, and practicing the evacuations. They mist also complete an occupiers statement.

Keeping Up With Compliance Regularly

It’s essential for the business owner to understand the Body Corporate fire Maintenance that is required of them. They must maintain all fire safety equipment and review certain objectives, like the evacuation plans and training, at least once a year (in some cases more frequently). They must make sure they complete everything necessary and keep records of when everything is checked to ensure they are fully compliant with all of the regulations. If the business owner isn’t sure what they need to do to ensure everything is well maintained, it’s a good idea for them to work with a professional such as FCF Fire & Electrical Canberra.


Getting Help Maintaining Compliance

A business owner might want to enlist our help when they’re checking to ensure their business is fully compliant. The professional will be well aware of all of the regulations the business needs to follow and will understand what needs to be done to ensure compliance. They can also offer services to help maintain all of the fire safety equipment and complete the necessary training for responsible persons in some cases. The business owner can take advantage of all of the services offered to make sure they’re not only initially compliant but that they continue to be compliant so they are not at risk of any of the consequences listed above.

A body corporate needs to be sure they are compliant with regulations at all time. They should take the time to work with a Building Fire Safety technician to ensure their buildings are compliant. From there, they should maintain everything on a regular basis as outlined by the local guidelines to ensure the building is compliant at all times. This can help save lives, products, and buildings when it’s done properly and meets or exceeds the legal regulations required of the business owner.

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