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Importance of Hotel Fire Safety Plan

Posted by FCF on 23 April 2019
Importance of Hotel Fire Safety Plan

Hotel is just like the second home to many people. It should offer security and protection to the customer and their property. However, some accidents like fire are unavoidable sometimes and they often occur unexpectedly. Check this link right here now about Hotel Fire Safety Plan.
It is crucial for the hotel management to organize ordered and timely escape plan like fire evacuation routes posted in each room, and conduct emergency response and fire prevention training for such c...

The Importance Of Hotel Fire Safety Checklists

Posted by FCF on 11 April 2019
The Importance Of Hotel Fire Safety Checklists
With hundreds of guests and staff, as well as dozens of possible fire risks, Fire Safety Checklists are an incredibly high priority for hotels. AS 1851 (stands for Australian Standards 1851) have set rules and regulations that ensure building owners are in compliance with regulations in meeting the safety standards imposed on fire protection systems. However, the way the rules and regulations are interpreted is different in each case, as the idea is to identify and reduce fire risks as...

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