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Fire Extinguisher Facts In Real Estate Agencies

Posted on 7 May 2019

Fire accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether you have installed portable fire equipment or supplied fire blankets and fire hose reels for your business, confronting fire needs more than just having these installations. What better way to prepare yourself than to learn more about the importance and Fire Extinguisher Facts?
Here are some of Fire Extinguisher Facts and regulations you need to know for your real estate agency.  
Why Does Your Real Estate...

Fire Extinguishers Townsville What Every Business Owner Should Know

Posted by FCF on 7 May 2019
The safety of employees and the public should be one of the most important concerns any business owner has on their mind. Fire Extinguisher Regulations are an important consideration for businesses because fire is a risk everyone shares. Being properly protected is the easiest way to avoid any non-compliance issues. Because the laws do occasionally change, it is a good idea to be aware of the most recent requirements.
Fire Extinguisher Requirements
Portable Fire Safety i...

Fire Fighting Equipment In Restaurants

Posted on 7 May 2019

Fire safety in restaurants, cafes, and other eating establishments should be a top priority since kitchens are always at risk of fires due to cooking equipment. Therefore it is crucial to have the best fire fighting equipment and preventative maintenance. Electric appliances, open flames, hot cooking equipment, the possibility of grease fires and cleaning chemicals are risks for starting a devastating fire. Fire prevention and protection are vital for all restaurants; take note of th...

Use Of Child Care Fire Fighting Equipment

Posted on 24 April 2019
Use Of Child Care Fire Fighting Equipment

When we talk about the roles of child care workers, it is a given that they are solely responsible for the child's development ensuring they get exposure to the best learning environment in their first few years. However, it seems that educating them in Child Care Fire Fighting Equipment isn't the only responsibility there is.
However, it seems that educating them isn't the only responsibility there is. Talk about fire safety and emergency training courses, day care staff ...

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