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Signs You Need to Replace Your Fire Protection System

Posted on 14 May 2019
Signs You Need to Replace Your Fire Protection System

One of the most crucial safety components in an establishment is its fire protection system. The system must competently be able to detect and extinguish a fire before it goes out of control.This implies the importance of having the system up to date and dependable.

FCF will emphasise in this article the top three signs that a fire protection equipment requires replacement.


The efficiency of a fire protection system depreciates with time. Corrosion and leaks in fire sprinkler system occur over time causing serious damage and clogged pipes. Outdated systems can cause fatal damage because fire can spread faster and easier. Fire extinguishers rely on pressurized gas to propel chemicals to put out a fire; some gas leaks out over time. This is why they have expiration dates.


Fire protection equipment installed in the establishment highly depends on the amount of size and occupancy of the building. It is smart to have a sufficient amount of fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, smoke alarm in the building. If the company is either expanding or curtailing, then the fire protection system should be updated or replaced.


Fire protection system requires regular maintenance and inspection. But when there are recurring problems in your fire protection device and constantly needs repair, it is best to replace the system. Investing on an updated system do not only cut the cost on maintenance but also ensure the safety of your household or business. Relying on a problematic system is never safe.

Give FCF a call if your fire protection system needs replacement. Our trained team of technicians can inspect, repair and replace all features of your fire protection system. We are specialized in fire sprinklers and fire alarm that will keep your building safe and efficiently put out fire. Visit us for a free quote.

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