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Trade Qualified Electricians for Domestic and Commercial Electrical Services in Australia

As well as being the leaders in fire protection systems in Australia, we have 20 years experiencing supplying electrical services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Australia. There are many Residential and Commercial Electrical Companies in Australia, but not many that can match our level of service, expertise and value for money you will find at FCF Fire and Electrical.

Emergency Exit Light Installation

Our Quality Electrical Services Cover a wide range of Electrical Wiring, Electrical Testing and Electrical Services for Residential and Commercial situations.

We also have a 24hr Electrician Emergency Service for our contracted clients. Call us on 1300 323 753 for a quote on a range of Quality Electrical Services and ask us about fire protection for your premises too.

Damian Leahy of South Queensland Fire and Electrical Services

If you are a property owner in QLD, FCF Fire and Electrical’s trade-qualified electricians will tackle electrical jobs of any size, including:

  • Wiring for new homes, extensions or renovations
  • Power points and phone outlets
  • Lights, ceiling fans, air conditioners and heaters

For prompt, efficient service for any domestic electrical job, call us today on 1300 323 753 to discuss your needs and arrange a quote.

FCF Fire and Electrical Quality & Industrial Electrical Services Include

Wiring Homes and Commercial Buildings

New homes for builders or adding an extra fan are all within a day’s work for our electricians. Having various experience in mining, hazard environments and commercial building sites means that our team have faced it all. With a pool of knowledge and experience we can ensure project dead line completion.

Wiring for homes and businesses

RCD Testing Services (Residual Current Devices)

Commonly known as safety switches, to many home owners. Testing at home is recommended by many manufactures monthly. However in a commercial environment 6 monthly testing is required via a heat test and push button trip. The yearly test is when electrical sine waves are measured at the test load point. Two tests are performed as a minimum for each RCD. The time taken is the important factor to confirming that in a real life situation power is removed from the victim.

All test times are recorded on our cloud base data and can confirm trip times the following year to see if the performance of the device has changed.

RCD Safety Switches

Power point testing

Our electricians can perform an electrical house inspection to make sure your installation still complies with AS3000. With many products reaching the end of their lives the cracks start to show. Power points and light switches are the most common faults that can occur.

Hopping out of the shower with wet hands or just finished washing your hands and reaching to turn a light switch off can lead to danger with the smallest crack a light switch. FCF also inspect the switchboard, meter the cable installation, check earthing, safety switches and more as part of our house inspection. We recommend an inspection when buying a property or every five years as finding a fault early can save money or even more.

Microwave radiation testing

A leaking microwave is dangers and can easily be picked detected with our high quality meters. Our technicians are all trained to locate the smallest of leaks and follow the microwave safety procedure to ensure your staff remain safe.

Annual light bulb/fluorescent tube replacement

Due to our service intervals being six monthly on majority of sites it only makes sense to have a qualified technician change out the dull or shot light bulbs. Our team all carry the ladders and spares to complete the job. Ask on of our friendly team today about how you can be included in our light bulb replacement program.

Emergency Exit light Testing & Installation

Emergency lighting is one of our favourite part of our job. The lights come in all different sizes shapes and have different purposes. Some lights are steam line and are commonly known as spitfires, they come in a large, surface mount and small. Fluro’s can be in fire stairs and underground carparks. Not ever fluro is an emergency light but in a fire stairwell every second one usually is. Emergency lights come in all shapes and sizes and FCF can fit common models as well as modern emergency lighting.

Emergency Exit Light

Exit Light Testing & Installations

Exit lighting can be designed to look modern and sleek or can be black for places like cinemas. FCF know exit lights and where the best place is to look for the hidden lights. As buildings change so do the exit lights path. FCF ensure that when they test all pathways actually lead to an exit and not a new wall. FCF are happy to attend your site and inspect your requirements. A huge advantage is the cloud base that allows you access to your sites, assets, history and more.

Hopping out of the shower with wet hands or just finished washing your hands and reaching to turn a light switch off can lead to danger with the smallest crack a light switch. FCF also inspect the switchboard, meter the cable installation, check earthing, safety switches and more as part of our house inspection. We recommend an inspection when buying a property or every five years as finding a fault early can save money or even more.

Electrical Wiring for Extensions and Renovations

Adding new lights, fan and even a T.V onto the new extension is an exciting time. Picking out the new lights to match your style, with fans to keep you cool. FCF have been helping improve Australian lives with the addition of the T.V on the back deck and more. Our team check loads on your switchboard to make sure that future additions are safe.

Australia Wide Quality Electrical Services at Affordable Rates

Lights and Powerpoint Installations

New USB charging power points. Making a room stand out after painting requires new lights and power points. Sometimes just changing the cover of a power point is enough but with the addition of Usb charging capabilities it only makes sense to upgrade.

LED Light Installation

With LED taking huge steps now is the time to upgrade and save on your power bill. With old LED technology giving out a blue light the new LEDs are pure white light. Having a pure white light helps the room pop. With colourful furniture and styled floor lights the room can really come alive at night.

Have an FCF lighting expert give you the best advice for your space

Led Lights in home
smoke detector

Installation of 240-volt smoke detectors

Did you know that when sleeping at night you don’t smell? FCF highly recommend not only following smoke alarms that are legally required but also installing in bedrooms. When Jacob and Kerri had their first child Jacob assessed the risk and for the minimal cost installed a smoke alarm in their child’s room. Could you imagine waking up to smoke filled in your bedroom and trying to get to safety or waking up to an alarm and exiting with more ease?

Ceiling and extraction fan installation

The common ceiling fan comes in many shapes and sizes these days. No longer is a ceiling fan just a fan. With inbuilt lights, flick out blades, air craft propeller look alike the styling doesn’t end. Toilet and kitchen exhaust fans are also no longer a straight forward exhaust fan. Some have opening and closing vents on the back to stop creepy crawly creatures form entering via the roof onto you.

Just picking the fan out of a retail or online store might not be the best idea, the roof battens come into play and your new exhaust fan might just not be the right size.

An FCF electrician can confirm your spacing before your purchase just call us.

ceiling fan installation

Switch Board Thermal Imaging with report

Some companies have technicians that use thermal imaging equipment. FCF use highly qualified electricians that hold all the relevant qualifications. Having the extra training definitely makes the difference. We with our Electricians being able to read thermal imaging reports and creating the preventative maintenance that is required to avoid plant or site down time.

This is very specialized training and not knowing how to read or use a thermal imager properly can lead to switchboard fires and even building damage.

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