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Why Our Customers Love FCF

Ensuring that our customers feel satisfied is our number one goal. At the core of our business is service. Fire safety is something often over looked by many companies but something we need to help them maintain and stay compliant with. Many of our customers don’t see Fire and Electrical safety as their number one priority in their business but it is our number one priority and this is why our customers love us. We are taking care of something that is extremely important in their business but not necessarily urgent. For this reason, we build long term repeat customers that enjoy our frequent service and reliability. We may not appear on face value as an exciting business but the best businesses come from good core business something that are customers need and by providing a friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service we build a really strong business for our franchisees taking care of our customer’s legal fire safety requirements.

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  • 2014
  • 2015

Each year we are seeing increases in demand for Fire Safety Services

Security & Growth with FCF

Safety is a huge market and as governments push to protect works in the industry our business will only every grow which is fantastic. As a new franchise business opens FCF Fire & Electrical will be at the front with an effective market approach to allow you to find great customers. Safety is still a growing industry and now is your time to be part of the ever expanding service based industry where people are looking for others to help them save time and money in supporting their needs.

Fire & Electrical Franchise Opportunities – The Power of a National Brand

We know that marketing is probably a headache.  You might be saying what so many other businesses are saying ‘Where do I find new clients?’

With a national brand you can open doors that previously wouldn’t be open to you.  We have proven marketing systems and also marketing materials.

No more wasting time trying to design a marketing piece when you are not sure what you are doing.  No more hoping that the phone will magically start ringing.  We can help you come up with the strategies and activities you can be doing in your local area to gain more clients and at the same time, we are out speaking to potential national contracts and tenders to win work on everyone’s behalf.

The Benefits of the FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise

Group buying power makes a difference on each job. Wholesalers are a great place to gain group discounts. We also look at car insurance, business insurance, fuel accounts and more. Being part of the group also means extra savings than an individual business.

Your Independence is key to why you’re in business. Taking time off requires an office team manager and field staff to ensure the business continues to operate without you.

We want to help you grow and be more independent by having your own team. Our training is not only for you but also for your staff. Remember you are the owner and operator and that doesn’t change.

Being part of a group has more advantages than being an individual contractor such as buying power, skills, knowledge and national coverage.

Ongoing Business Training, Tools & Systems

We keep you up to speed with all the latest technology and industry standards.

Access to suppliers & group buying power

Save costs by buying with us. Pass on savings to beat your competitors

Gain immediate brand recognition & become part of a trusted name in the industry

Invaluable branding builds instant trust with clients

Live SimPRO software to schedule & track jobs from start to finish, plus administer your business

Crucial, time saving technology so you don’t get bogged down in administration

Maximise Your Income

We provide effective strategies for developing your own client base and repeat business

Fire Safety Training for Staff

What is franchise credit?

Franchise credit is our way of buying part of your business. We are willing to invest in you to prove our commitment we give you credit off the franchise system entry price. If you and your business qualify, a reduction of the franchise fee can half without losing any of the benefits of our system.

Proven Support Systems

At FCF Fire & Electrical we know what works for our franchisees. By using proven systems and technology FCF is able to help new franchisees get the best possible start to their business. We utilize systems through our day to day work in doing our fire and electrical safety checks. FCF Fire and Electrical also have specialised cloud based business systems and mobile technology, for example, we are able to follow a client from enquiry to job completion to invoice with a couple clicks of a button which makes this business easy to run on a day to day basis. Sometimes business can throw a curve ball and that is when our Head Office team can offer support and advice for any of your needs to help you run your business.

Fire Safety Audit Software

Franchisees have access to Fire Safety Auditing Software

About You

  1. Desire to own business
  2. Self-motivated and ready to learn
  3. Enjoys providing outstanding customer service
  4. Attention to detail to provide necessary compliance for customers
  5. A strong desire to grow a business that becomes an asset
  6. Hardworking, honest and personable

What experience do I need? No experience required, we can provide you with all the training you need. Electrical trade base is a great start, but not essential. We do find customer service, business management skills of importance however, we have all the tools and training required for you to run a successful FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise. Ongoing training is expected at FCF and we run courses and technical sessions to ensure the team is knowledgeable.

FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise Training and Ongoing Support

Initial Training

  • Certificate II in Fire Protection
  • Business Training
  • Administration Training in cloud based software
  • In the field technical training

Ongoing Training

Due to the nature of our business ongoing training is provided to all FCF Fire & Electrical Franchisees and is a requirement to complete. We run courses and technical sessions to ensure all of the team is knowledgable and up to date with Australian Standards.


The number one reason any individual joins a franchise group is for support. At FCF Fire & Electrical we never forget this. We are only ever a phone call or email away to assist and help you. Be it for business help such as marketing and sales to quotes and tenders to technical questions. FCF Fire & Electrical also have an annual conference plus fortnightly Skype meetings to provide additional support.

Becoming a Fire & Electrical Franchise – Frequently Asked Questions

Click on one of the tabs below to watch a video from FCF Managing Director, Jacob Foster

About FCF Fire and Electrical

Are You Suitable for the Job?

Do I Need a Premises or Hire Staff?

Do I Need to be an Electrician First?

What Training is Involved to Become an FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise?

What Makes an FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise so Great?

National Fire Safety Contracts

A Day in the Life of an FCF Fire and Electrical Technician

You Are Invited to A Discovery Day at FCF Fire & Electrical

Would you like to find out more about FCF Fire & Electrical? Join us on one of our Discovery Days on the beautiful Fraser Coast. The Day Includes:


  • Meet and greet key head office staff members
  • Experience what you can expect as a FCF Fire & Electrical Technician by attending job sites and developing an understanding of the work involved and the income derived from different services
  • Complete a comprehensive business calculator tool that can approximate your expected return on investment as a franchisee of FCF Fire and Electrical
  • Discuss core values, culture and vision of FCF Fire and Electrical
  • See first-hand our operational systems and online all-inclusive business system
  • Presentation of our unique customer contract tools and marketing resources
  • Obligation Free


  • Morning and Afternoon Tea, lunch provided
  • Discovery dates held once a month (dates dependant on tide)!

For more on the Hervey Bay area check out the Fraser Coast TourismPage

Available Territories

FCF Fire and Electrical territories are still available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth (including regional areas), only a few remain in Tasmania and Northern Territory. Territories in Queensland are fully allocated.

Investment to Join

The investment to join the FCF Fire and Electrical Team is from $29,990 + GST. Included in this tremendous price is all the training required to start your business including Cert II in Fire Protection. To be able to hit the ground running FCF Fire and Electrical provide a start-up kit, including Fire Equipment with a retail value of approximately $25,000, a tablet to access our cloud based software and marketing materials to get your business known within the community.

The Next Steps to Your Opportunity

  1. Contact us and we will forward out more information
  2. Fill out some required paperwork
  3. Meet the team in person or via Skype. If we are out and about we will line up a time
  4. Take our agreement and financials to your solicitor and accountant
  5. Join the FCF Team
  6. Come to the Support Office for training
  7. Ready to launch your business

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