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Fire Safety Best Practices at the Workplace

Fire is one of the biggest threats in the workplace. There is no existing device that can predict a fire and no definite assessment on a fire that has not yet happened. It is all about perfect fire safety planning to ensure an efficient escape from its dangers. To...

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Fire Safety For Banks

The recent emergency situation at the Springvale Commonwealth Bank in Melbourne highlights the importance of a complete fire safety plan implemented in every Australian business. This article looks at some of the details of the Springvale Commonwealth bank emergency and the obligations Australian Businesses have to ensure they have adequate fire safety procedures in place for such emergencies.

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Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers in Australia are used for specific types of fires and may be required in some Australian workplaces. Read about foam fire extinguishers, what they are made of and how they work to suppress certain types of fires.

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AS 1319:1994 Australian Standards for Signage

Australian Businesses are required to comply to Safety Signage Regulations. This standard is AS 1319:1994 and applies to Australian businesses. FCF Fire and electrical can assist businesses with the implementation of this standard, in particular when it comes to Fire Safety Signage.

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