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Protecting your people and property is our top priority.

To ensure every part of your fire protection system is in perfect working order, FCF Fire and Electrical provides a maintenance service which includes inspecting and testing each item of equipment regularly and thoroughly.

Our qualified technician will inspect, test and tag, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, hydrants, hose reels and fire blankets and other fire protection equipment on your premises.

Because fire panels, pumps and sprinkler systems are crucial elements of your fire protection system, we test them every month in accordance with AS1851 regulations. We attend to faults and false alarms rapidly too.

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Fire Equipment Maintenance – Access Your Fire Protection System via Cloud Based Technology

Using a data-recording device, our technician records each item’s location, condition, rating, size and when it was manufactured. The information is downloaded to our website where you can access it at any time using a secure password. This online system allows us to access the full history of your fire protection system when an inspection or work is scheduled. That way, we – and you – can be sure your system is ready to protect your property against fire the moment it’s needed.

The FCFPro system is designed for FCF but also clients, a special portal allows access to the network. Once in via a secure password you can see assets, history, quotes, invoices and more. This is a live system and you can see scheduled times of when a technician is due to your site. In the stressful time a fire brigade officer attends site knowing that all your asset history is in one spot or a phone call away makes life easy.

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False Alarms Can Be Costly

Having the fire brigade attend false alarms at your premises because of dust or dirt in your smoke detectors can be costly. Reduce the risk by having FCF Fire and Electrical clean your detectors and test their sensitivity. Some of our clients have been on regular cleaning programs for eight years, why? Because it reduces false alarms, unwanted customer disturbance and peace of mind that your system is running at 100%.

Our service includes:

Our service includes:

  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • sensitivity testing
  • 24-hour operational testing

We clean and test the sensitivity of the following brands:

  • Ziton
  • Notifier
  • Apollo Discovery
  • Hochiki

For any other brand, we can clean the detector’s metal gauze to reduce the chances of a costly false alarm

Preventative Maintenance for saving money

When on your site our technicians look for problems that could occur with your system. AS1851 are the standards that are in legislation but looking at common sense problems also. Just by keeping paint on booster cabinet legs will triple the life of the cabinet. Another way FCF technicians save our clients’ money is by offering covers over hose reels in extreme conditions. Some of the assets we maintain located in Mariners and just by adding some oil and a cover the hose reels are lasting double the length of time.

Fire Hydrant Testing
Exit Light maintenance

We are a service company and we are here to service your fire and electrical requirements. Using preventative maintenance save our clients in the short and long term. We believe that this is just part of being a service company. Looking the other way when we can save time and a client’s bottom line is not in the FCF culture.

We are a service company and here to help you anytime

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Equipment Maintenance

Fire Equipment Maintenance is an essential part of the fire safety of any building. This helps the business owner ensure all parts of their fire equipment is up to date and working properly in case a fire is detected in the building. Without proper maintenance, equipment can fail in an emergency and can lead to severe injuries or death for those who are in the building at the time. A business owner who is interested in learning more about the maintenance of fire equipment can read the frequently asked questions and answers below.

How Often Does Fire Equipment Maintenance Need to Happen?

The timeline for testing equipment depends on the type of equipment. Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms will need to be tested every six months to ensure they are operating properly. Fire reels should also be tested twice a year to determine if there are any defects or wear and tear. A business owner will also want to test fire suppression blankets every six months to ensure there are no issues with them. Some other types of equipment may need to be checked more or less frequently.

What Laws Cover Fire Equipment Maintenance?

AS1851 is the main Australian Standard that covers Fire Equipment Maintenance. The laws that determine the compliance with maintenance of fire equipment include the Building Act of 1975 and the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. The information a business owner needs is also included in the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 6.1.

Who Can Carry Out the Maintenance?

The laws state that an appropriately qualified person must do any inspections or maintenance on fire safety equipment. This means they must be qualified to do the work by the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) or the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) for the work they will be doing.

How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need to be Maintained?

Fire extinguishers need to be inspected and services if necessary every six months. They will also need to be emptied and refilled every five years to test the pressure and there may be additional requirements that will need to be followed every three, five or six years. A professional can help the business owner determine which maintenance services need to be done at what interval.

How is the Fire Equipment Maintenance Recorded and Kept?

Records must be kept in accordance with local laws and be stored with the building’s fire evacuation plan in a way that is not likely to be damaged in a fire. A copy should additionally be kept in another place for its safety. The building’s licensed fire contractor can also hold onto a copy of the maintenance records to ensure they remain safe. Records can be kept electronically as long as they are not kept in the building. The records need to be kept for at least two years and should be available upon request for an inspection. With FCF Fire & Electrical, you have access to Cloud Based Maintenance Records that you can access anytime.

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